Dino's Micro house


"The house is really affordable"


To rent out a ”hytte”, a small cottage, is common in Norway, as this is an easy way for people to get out and about in nature. Dino, originally from Italy, has lived long enough in the country and has adopted this custom. He now rents out a “hytte”, which he bought from Vagabond Haven.


The house is placed on a wooden deck, in the middle of the forest, not far away from one of the beautiful fjords of Norway.


– It really is a beautiful location and that is why people come here from all over the world, says Dino.

Despite Corona and travel restrictions, Dino is still managing to rent out the cottage, mostly to people living in Oslo, the capital of Norway. 

– People like to get away from the city, perhaps on a romantic weekend. I have also bought a spa that I have placed outside of the house.

Dino has been renting out cottages for the last five years but the house from Vagabond Haven has only been in Knardalen for over a year.

– I built most of the interior myself and that way I could get the house very cheap. I especially like the dark Thermowood, it smells so good. 

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