We can now offer you financing for your tiny house!

If you live in Sweden, we can now, in collaboration with mymoney, offer financing up to 34,000 €.

Unfortunately, so far, we can offer financing only to our Swedish customers as the company we are collaborating with only serves the Swedish market. Most of our customers from abroad finance their tiny houses through a loan from their bank, however.

Have you already checked with your bank, if you could get a loan?

Cost from

80 Euro / month *

* for an unfurnished microhouse

The process is very smooth: in just a few hours, mymoney makes an assessment of how much you can borrow. A cash deposit is not required.


It is an unsecured loan with an interest rate of 4.95%. This might sound a lot when you compare it with a regular mortgage where the interest rate is about 2.5%. Unfortunately, there are currently no banks in Sweden that offer mortgages for tiny houses, as the land they stand on can not be counted as security, which is typically done with a regular mortgage. But if you look at the difference in monthly costs, it does sound so bad anymore.


Here is an example: If you borrow 34,000 € (which is the highest amount) and repay them under 12 years, the monthly payment with an interest rate of 2.5% (ordinary mortgage) would be 275 € ; with the 4.95% we can offer it would be 320 €, ie. a difference of 45 € per month. Not so bad to be able to own your own home! And by living in a tiny house, you can also reduce some other costs such as costs for e.g. rent or electricity.


Contact us if you want to check whether you can get a loan and we will send you a list of what information we need for the application.