Helena's own design

For Helena, we built a custom-tailored house that is not included in our range.


”I feel how I heal by living like this”




When her children moved out of the big house in Älvsjö, south of Stockholm, Helena Stenbeck Nilsson felt that it was time for her to move to the countryside. Since she did not really know where she was going to live and for how long, she bought a mobile house that she could move with her.


Helena Stenbeck Nilsson's house stands in the middle of an old paddock at the horse farm Änggärde, outside of Flen in Sweden. 


- I had just bought my mobile house and asked if I could place it on the farm, they said yes and the rest is history, laughs Helena.


The fact that the house was mobile, was what attracted her to it in the first place.


- Back then I did not know where I would live and what would happen in my life and therefore it was important to be able to move the house with me if needed.


Helena's dream is to buy her own farm and place the house there. But the first step is to move it from the paddock.


- The paddock is a good place for the house, but most of all I want to put it by the meadows a bit away. The meadows are like a big ocean, says Helena and continues to share how good she feels about living so close to nature and that she can see the Milky Way every night.


- It is probably the very best thing about the house, that it almost feels like I live in nature because I live so close. I never see the starry sky in Stockholm.


When Helena bought her mobile house, she was on the verge of being burned out.

- I lived here for six months now and feel how I heal with each passing day. Having regular chores and being in nature was the best medicine for me.


On the farm, Helena grows vegetables together with the others and they take care of the farm and the forest together.

- Since I set up my house here, things have started to happen and now there is another tiny house and a caravan next to mine. It's great.

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