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Welcome to our houses!

right now we are building

2-3 new houses every month


In three years, Vagabond Haven has contributed with over 30 mobile homes to the growing tiny house movement.


Only creativity sets the boundary on how our houses are used. Some are year-round housing for the whole family, while others are home-offices, summer cottages, off-grid hotels, camping cottages or an extra accommodation when the grandchildren come to visit.


Most of the houses are set in some of Europe's most beautiful locations. Vagabond Haven's customers live in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria and England.

On this page, you can meet some of our customers who are happy to show off their homes.


An investment that cannot go wrong


In Flåm, the Norwegian tourist village known for its beautiful surroundings, there is a specially designed mobile house from Vagabond Haven. It is rented out to tourists who want to get closer to nature and avoid living in ordinary camping cabins.


With its beautiful fjord and the steep mountains, Flåm is a real tourist magnet. Usually 500 people live in the village, but during the tourist season thousands of visitors are coming here and they need somewhere to live. Why not in a mobile house, overlooking the creek and the world-famous railway that winds its way down from the steep mountain?

- People think it's fun to live in our house and they give very good reviews afterwards. No one has ever complained that it was too small, says Vegard Bratteteig and explains that the house was custom-tailored to his wishes. For example, he opted out of some of the kitchen's storage areas and installed a nice bar counter instead.

- I am very pleased that I could tailor the house to my needs. 

Vegard is also content with the luxurios shower and the fine details in the house.

- I was positively surprised that the lamp button looks like wood. Overall, I am very happy with the fine workmanship.

Vegard was also attracted by the mobility of the micro house, because he doesn't know what will happen to the plot of land where the house currently stands.

- Maybe we will build something more permanent here in the future and then we need to move the house or sell it. Regardless, this is a really good investment that can’t go wrong. With a mobile home, there are always new usages to be found.

Vegard recommends others who have the opportunity to rent out a house, to buy a mobile house from Vagabond Haven.

- This house is a great alternative to ordinary camping cabins.



”I am healing when I live here”




When her children moved out of the big house in Älvsjö, south of Stockholm, Helena Stenbeck Nilsson felt that it was time for her to move to the countryside. Since she did not really know where she was going to live and for how long, she bought a mobile house that she could move with her.


Helena Stenbeck Nilsson's house stands in the middle of an old paddock at the horse farm Änggärde, outside of Flen in Sweden. 


- I had just bought my mobile house and asked if I could place it on the farm, they said yes and the rest is history, laughs Helena.


The fact that the house was mobile was what attracted her to it in the first place.


- Back then I did not know where I would live and what would happen in my life and therefore it was important to be able to move the house with me if needed.


Helena's dream is to buy her own farm and place the house there. But the first step is to move it from the paddock.


- The paddock is a good place for the house, but most of all I want to put it by the meadows a bit away. The meadows are like a big ocean, says Helena and continues to share how good she feels about living so close to nature and that she can see the Milky Way every night.


- It is probably the very best thing about the house, that it almost feels like I live in nature because I live so close. I never see the starry sky in Stockholm.


When Helena bought her mobile house, she was on the verge of being burned out.

- I lived here for six months now and feel how I heal with each passing day. Having regular chores and being in nature was the best medicine for me.


On the farm, Helena grows vegetables together with the others and they take care of the farm and the forest together.

- Since I set up my house here, things have started to happen and now there is another tiny house and a caravan next to mine. It's great.



"we lock away their smartphones" 

With a beautiful view over the rolling hills in the British countryside north of London, you can find a mobile house from Vagabond Haven. It has been specially designed as a digital detox-retreat for people wanting to reconnect with themselves and nature.

After nearly being burnt out from a stressful life in London, Hector Huges decided to travel to Himalaya for a silent retreat. Once he arrived at the Buddhist temple in the forest, he had to lock his mobile phone away. This was a year ago and he hasn’t looked back.

– Once back home I talked to my friend Ben and we decided that we wanted to offer people a similar chance of reconnecting with nature without having to go to the other side of the world, says Hector.

Both Hector and Ben left their stressful jobs in London, ordered a specially designed, off-grid house and in July 2020 they launched their company Unplugged. 

– When people arrive we lock their smartphones and give them a simple phone in return and a map of the countryside. After that they have all that they need in the house and in the nature.

It is mostly couples, often with a dog, that book the house for a digital detox. 

– The house is literally immersed in nature and I especially like the quality of the house, the craft and the materials used. 

The first booking of the digital detox retreat was made in July and now Hector is happy to announce that the house is fully booked til winter.

– Covid has really emphasized our need to reconnect with nature and our plan is to have 100 to 150 houses in the coming years and work together with farmers so that more people will get a chance to reconnect with nature, says Hector.


"I want to be a quality parent"

Among oak groves and fields, on a hill in south of Sweden, the farm Kvattala has existed for at least 300 years. Birger, only five weeks old, is the eleventh generation to grow up here, in a brand new house, together with mother Veronica Hellsberg and a stone's throw from his grandparents.


– The balcony roof was built when I was at BB with Birger, laughs Veronica Hellsberg and gently holds a finger on Birger's pacifier.


Before Birger was born, Veronica lived in a large house some distance away, but when she knew she would take care of Birger alone, she needed to create the right conditions, both financial and practical. 

– I simply did not want to take out such large loans. Now I want to be able to be on parental leave for a long time and in the future I hope to avoid working full time, says Veronica and explains that the smaller living space is also practical. 


- Wherever I am in the house, I have full supervision of Birger. Besides, I do not have to spend so much time cleaning.


That Veronica chose to build a mobile house, albeit without wheels, from Vagabond Haven was that she could go to Uppsala and look at a finished house.


- I was part of creating the interior so that it suits my needs. I would never have been able to do that if, for example, I had bought an Attefallshus.


Birger is hungry and it's time to breastfeed.

- Living like this gives me the opportunity to avoid working just to pay off the loans. Now I can be a quality parent.




It's good value for the money


To rent out a ”hytte”, a small cottage, is common in Norway, as this is an easy way for people to get out and about in nature. Eduardo Luglio, originally from Italy, has lived long enough in the country and has adopted this custom. He now rents out a “hytte”, which he bought from Vagabond Haven.


The house is placed on a wooden deck, in the middle of the forest, not far away from one of the beautiful fjords of Norway. 

– It really is a beautiful location and that is why people come here from all over the world, says Eduardo Luglio.

Despite Corona and travel restrictions, Eduardo is still managing to rent out the cottage, mostly to people living in Oslo, the capital of Norway. 

– People like to get away from the city, perhaps on a romantic weekend. I have also bought a spa that I have placed outside of the house.

Eduardo has been renting out cottages for the last five years but the house from Vagabond Haven has only been in Knardalen for over a year.

– I built most of the interior myself and that way I could get the house very cheap. I especially like the dark Thermowood, it smells so good. 

Edurado recommends anyone wishing to rent out a “hytte” to buy one from Vagabond Haven. 

– These houses are very good value for the money. 



"A childhood dream playground to live in"

After two years living in her mobile house in Sweden, Svenja Keune, an artistic researcher from Germany, decided to move her house to Denmark. Here she shares her experience.


– Peaceful. Liberating. Simple.


With these three words Svenja Keune describes how it is for her to live in her mobile house. She says that the house has been a great way for her to explore an alternative way of living.

– I gave myself the opportunity to design this new space that I wanted to live in together with my artistic research experiments.


The house is located in the forest in Bollebygd and the changing of seasons dominated the atmosphere inside the house. Something Svenja describes as the best parts of living in her house.

– The everyday living is a mix of being inside and outside. I also enjoyed that I created, within some boundaries, a childhood dream playground to live in.


Svenja doesn’t necessarily think that a mobile house is for everyone and these kind of houses are more suitable for people wishing to explore an alternative way of living.

– I think mobile houses are for people who like to live with less stuff, wanting to use less resources, experiment with the living space and be more connected with the surrounding environment.


Svenja has a clear message for everyone who has a calling of living in a mobile house:

– Just go for it! It is a great experience and you will learn about so many things.

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