Model Porto

DESIGNED BY   Aurora Company

Perfect for families

Exterior dimensions: 7.3 x 2.5 x 4 m

Living area: 16 m2 + 9 m2 loft

Can be pulled behind the car

In the same size as our beautiful Elise with her two large sleeping lofts, Porto offers plenty of space and storage capacity. In Scandinavian scaled-down style, the house feels spacious and yet cozy and homely.


Ready-to-move-in house on wheels that can be pulled behind the car and which you can furnish precisely according to your own wishes. Electricity, water, sewage and ventilation are already installed. The bathroom and kitchen are prepared, but unfurnished - just like the rest of the house.

APPROXIMATE PRICE:  Furnished 47,000 €

In the furnished variant you just need to open the door and you are at home because the house is fully equipped. If you choose the standard furnishing, there is a comfortable 160 cm bed, a sofa with storage, a fold-down table and two chairs. A lot of storage is also in the closet and on the stairs up to one of the lofts. A ladder leads to the second loft. The bathroom has a shower, WC, washbasin with cupboard and a mirror. The kitchen is equipped with a sink, fridge and freezer, oven and stove and kitchen fan. As standard the house is heated with two electric radiators.

Want to know more about our Porto?

Send us a message and we will tell you exactly what is included in the standard version, as well as what different options regarding materials, furnishings and equipment you can choose from.

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