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Unfurnished cottage

An empty cottage with installed electricity, windows and doors, which you can set up according to your wishes. 

Price: 6 300 € ex VAT


Platform with four hooks for easy loading and moving.


Outer measurements: 5,4 x 2,35 m. Optional: 6 x 2,35 m.

Roof height: 2,55 m.



Pine ThermoWood (45 mm). The Siberian pine has been heat-treated to produce ThermoWood, which is an environmentally friendly alternative to pressure impregnated wood. ThermoWood has improved rot protection, form stability and insulation qualities.


The exterior has been treated with wood stains, which let the natural wood color shine through, while protecting it from sun and rain. Choose between 15 different tones (see below).


The interior has been treated with environmentally friendly linseed oil that penetrates deep into the wood and protects it from rot.


Bitumen roof shingles. Choose between two different shapes and six different colors (see below).


Windows & doors

Exterior door and four triple-glazed windows.


Electricity & lighting

Strategically placed outlets and switches. LED spotlights in all rooms.


Add-on option

Furnishing, insulation, heating & trailer.