Our Story

It was my passion for travel and discover new places, my eternal pursuit of freedom, but above all my deep love for nature and this beautiful but ravaged world we live in that everything started with.

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I wanted to create a new way of living that is better for nature, our finances and our well-being, a housing revolution with the motto "build small, live big" which I hope can free up time for other things than having to earn money to pay the rent or fill our home with yet another gadget; which gives us the opportunity to move when we want or have to and which at the same time comprises an environmentally more sustainable way of living.  Tiny houses seemed a great solution for achieving all this. Building beautiful homes also spoke to my passion for design, architecture and crafts.

I didn’t really have the money to start a new business from scratch, but plenty of enthusiasm and will. And so, in 2017, I built the first house for Vagabond Haven. When the house was ready, my two daughters and I moved in, I created this website and waited for the orders to rush in. But would they really?


I was surprised and at the same time not, when I had my first two clients only a month later - and more interest in both the houses and the tiny house lifestyle than I could have hoped for in my wildest dreams. It was not just me who thought that mobile houses were something quite peculiar!


I hired two carpenters who helped me build the first houses. In 2018 I built more than I slept but the interest just kept on growing. I had to decide: either I would need to hire a bigger team and find a larger hall to build the houses - or I would need to find an already established partner who would take over that part for me. A question was also how I could keep costs down so I could build beautiful houses in healthy and environmentally friendly materials that would still be affordable - because isn’t that one of the main points with owning a tiny house: that you should not bleed yourself poor for it!?


"Teamwork makes the dream work" they say, and I do believe in the power of cooperation. Thus, I looked for partners who shared not only my ethical values and my vision, but who also had the knowledge and craftsmanship to build houses of the quality I aspired.

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Again, everything went just as if it all were meant to be: Within only a few months, I built up a partnership with not only one partner, but two different ones, who nowadays build the houses in each of our two size classes. TimberArt from Latvia builds our smallest "micro houses". Our most mobile houses, which many consider to be the classic tiny homes, are built by Aurora Company in Poland. 


The starting shot went off in 2019. Now, two years later, the Vagabond Haven team has also grown and with united forces we have built and delivered almost 90 houses to customers throughout Scandinavia and other parts of Europe.

I can not imagine better colleagues and partners and a more fun way to build houses together. We have learned a lot along the way, from each other and our fantastic customers: new smart solutions, interesting new materials and better designs. 


But there is so much more to do with the concept "tiny house". I can barely contain myself for all the new ideas we want to explore together. Join us and see how it goes!

Best regards,


The Vagabonds


Manuel Kohout


Sanna Ekdahl


Andreas Sandberg


Helena Bensching


Sara kollberg