Creating a vagabond's haven

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About the new name of our company and the magnificent things to come


Most stories start with a name. So even this one. What once was: Tiny Home Factory. What now is: Vagabond Haven.

It’s the first day of spring, vernal equinox: the plane of Earth’s equator passes through the center of the Sun. Day and night are poised, yet in balance, but about to tip over to the light. For the ancient Romans and Greeks this was the first day of the new year. The returning of the sun, of light and life has been celebrated as long as one can remember. Is there any better day to baptize Tiny Home Factory with a new name to mark a renewal in things to come?

The first part: VAGABOND. A wanderer, nomad, wayfarer, traveler, gypsy, rover, tramp, vagrant, drifter, migrant, beachcomber, down-and-outer, bird of passage, rolling stone, hobo, bagman, knockabout, overlander and sundowner … a knight of the road.

This lays at the heart of the creation of this company: an insatiable wanderlust. An unquenchable thirst for traveling, seeing places, being on the road. A quest for freedom and the idea that a tiny home on wheels could manifest it. “Build tiny, live big!” is our motto. Living a free, a mobile, a vagabond life is at the core of our dream.

Living a free, a mobile, a vagabond life is at the core of our dream.

The second part: HAVEN. An asylum, a sanctum, harbor, refuge, retreat, shelter, sanctuary, place of safety and oasis … a port in the storm.

That is what a home should be. A free life, a big life. Sure, that is nice! But it should be a life at the center of the storm. Wild gusts whipping the trees in front of your house, roaring waves crushing onto the shore beneath, rumbling thunder in the sky and rain hailing down, pattering your roof like a drum. But you are safe and warm and cozy. Snuggled up in front of your crackling fireplace with a cup of steaming tea and a book in your hand, your cat purring in your lap.

This is the story this blog wants to tell.

And this is the dream of our company.

Building beautiful tiny homes on wheels, roving writer’s cottages, rolling beach houses, ateliers, workshops and studios, travelling summerhouses and holiday chalets.

Creating a vagabond’s haven.

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