Meet our customer: Svenja

A mix of being inside and outside

After two years living in her mobile house in Sweden, Svenja Keune, an artistic researcher from Germany decided to move her house to Denmark. Here she shares her experience.

- Peaceful. Liberating. Simple.

With these three words Svenja describes how she experiences living in her mobile house. She says that the house. has been a great way for her to explore an alternative way of living.

- I gave myself the opportunity to design this space that I wanted to live in together with my artistic research experiments.

The house is located in the forest in Bollebygd and the changing of the seasons dominates the atmosphere inside the house. Something Svenja describes as one of the best parts of living in her house.

– The everyday life is a mix of being inside and outside. I also love that I could create a “childhood dream playground” to live in.

Svenja doesn’t necessarily think that a mobile house is for everyone and that these kinds of houses are more suitable for people wishing to explore an alternative way of living.

– I think mobile houses are for people who like to live with less stuff, want to use fewer resources, experiment with the living space and feel more connected to the surrounding environment.

Svenja has a clear message for everyone who has a calling for living in a tiny house:

– Just go for it! It is a great experience and you will learn so many things.

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