Meet our customers: Veronica

"Now I can be a quality parent"

Among oak groves and fields, on a hill in south of Sweden, the farm Kvattala has existed for at least 300 years. Birger, only five weeks old, is the eleventh generation to grow up here together with mother Veronica Hellsberg, a stone's throw from his grandparents, in a brand new tiny house.

– The last was built when I was at maternity ward with Birger, laughs Veronica Hellsberg and gently presses a finger on Birger's pacifier.

Before Birger was born, Veronica lived in a large house some distance away, but because she knew she would take care of Birger alone, she needed to create the right conditions, both financially and practically.

– I simply did not want to take on any large mortgage. For now I want to be able to be on parental leave for a long time and in the future I hope to avoid working full time, says Veronica and explains that the smaller living space is also practical.

- Wherever I am in the house, I have full supervision of Birger. Besides, I do not have to spend so much time cleaning.

That Veronica chose to build a mobile house with Vagabon Haven, albeit without wheels, was because she could go to Uppsala and look at a finished house.

- Living like this gives me the opportunity to avoid working just to pay off any loans. Now I can be a quality parent.

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