Tiny Houses for year-round living

- on wheels, platform or raft

We have designed a number of tiny houses in different styles and for different purposes: Our lightweight houses weigh under 3.5 t and can be towed behind the car. Our heavier houses, which as a standard come on a platform, are so well insulated that they almost reach passive house standard. But even they can be mounted on a raft or a trailer and towed by tractor or truck. We have designed houses for singles, couples and even families.


All our tiny houses are constructed by architects and built from the best available environmentally friendly, sustainable and healthy materials: From the facade in larch wood, heat-treated Siberian pine or spruce, to the insulation made from wood fiber, cellulose, linen, hemp or sheep wool, all the way down to the organic colors.


Choose one of our models below or get a custom-built tiny house tailored for you: Together with you we create a home that suits your needs and your budget and adjusts size, layout, style and interior precisely to your wishes.

We offer financing

Tiny houses from 350 € / month!

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Perfect for Singels

Can be pulled behind the car

M O D E L    R O N J A


Ronja is our smallest and most mobile tiny house. She got her name from Astrid Lindgren's beloved book "Ronja the Robber's daughter". Because just like her she has an endless longing for discovering new places. She is the dream home of the freedom-loving vagabond.

Empty   34 100 €

Turnkey   45 000 €

M O D E L    E L I S E 


Roam the world together with your Family in this miraculous house where the children have their sleeping crib under the raised living room and the parents can watch the stars through the skylight above their sleeping loft.

Empty   36 700 €

Turnkey   48 000 €

Perfect for families

Can be pulled behind the car


Perfect for singles ... or couples in love

Too heavy to be pulled behind the car


M O D E L   V I L H E L M I N A  


We have created Vilhelmina for all dreamers &  artists. her high, arched ceiling and the beautiful handcrafted wooden interior make her so cozy and at the same time airy and spacious that the songs write themselves.

 Empty   44 100 €

Turnkey   59 600 €

Perfect for singles

Too heavy to be pulled behind the car


M O D E L     M I R A


Mira is a fantastic quirky tiny house with attached greenhouse. In the summer you can enjoy the view from her large roof terrace. The minimalistic interior is elevated by the sunlight streaming in from all directions.

Empty   47 000 €

Turnkey   62 300 €

Perfect for couples

Too heavy to be pulled behind the car


M O D E L    F E L I C I A  


Holding both a spacious sleeping loft, a raised living room with large bookshelf and corner sofa, a smart kitchen and  neat little bathroom, Felicia creates a feeling of boasting a whole number of cozy rooms and crannies within her humble 26 square meters of space.

Empty   53 100 €

Turnkey   64 900 €

Perfect for couples

Too heavy to be pulled behind the car


M O D E L    L U C I A  



Everyone's favourite: our beautiful Lucia with her extra large kitchen and the spacious living room. Open the wide sliding doors and let the summer breeze blow in or relax in front of the chimney and listen to the  crackling of the fire while the rain is gently pelting on the roof.

Empty   54 800 €

Turnkey   71 900 €

Perfekt for families

Too heavy to be pulled behind the car


M O D E L   S A R A   


Is Sara still a "tiny" house? The children have their bedroom above the living room, the parents their own above the bathroom with its separate entrance. In the living room there is space enough for both a dining table and a large corner couch. Jackets and shoes can be stowed away in the hallway.

Empty   56 200 €

Turnkey   73 800 €


Can't find what you are looking for among our models?

Together with you we design your unique Tiny house!


Planning, design & Architect drawing

5000 €

Your tiny house



1700 - 2200 €  /  SQM

2200 - 3000 €  /  SQM



Step 1 Contact us and we'll help you to find the right model: either one of ours from above or a custom-tailored tiny home. We discuss your wishes regarding function, shape, size, your budget and everything else.

Step 2 We plan the details and you get a free quote. If you want to proceed, we’ll sign a contract and the building can begin!

Step 3 We build your tiny house and it is ready for delivery after about 2 - 3 months.



We deliver your tiny house fully assembled and ready to move in directly to your desired location. 


Our 3,5 t lightweight houses Ronja and Elise come on a trailer that can be towed behind a car if you hold the BE-driver’s license.


Our heavier tiny houses Vilhelmina, Mira, Felicia, Lucia & Sara come on a platform and are shipped to your location by truck. Off-loading is organised in advance and is done by crane. If you prefer, even these houses can be mounted on a raft or a trailer that can be towed by a tractor or truck. 


When delivered on a platform, we recommend preparing a foundation of ground screws or a layer of gravel and concrete blocks placed out at certain points.


We will, of course, tell you exactly what to think of when it's time!

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