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ThermoWood Cottages

Beach house, writer's cottage, studio, office, guest house, playhouse or permanent residence.

The rustic exterior and the lovingly handcrafted wooden interior make our cottages to the perfect getaway in the middle of nature.

The slow-growing Siberian pine has been heat-treated to create ThermoWood, which has outstanding properties regarding rot protection, form stability and insulation qualities. It is also an environmentally friendly alternative to impregnated wood. If you would like to use your cottage all year round, we will install an eco-friendly insulation.

  As a standard our cottages are built on a platform and can be easily loaded on a truck for transport. If you would like to tow your cottage behind a car, we will mount it on a special trailer for you.

We have designed a number of different models. If you have other ideas, we are happy to tailor the floor plan, furnishings and colors of your cottage exactly to your wishes!

Simple transport & moving

The cottage comes on a platform that is easily lifted on a truck for transport. If you would rather have your own trailer for moving your cabin, we will arrange it!

Our models

Choose one of our models or let us customize your cottage exactly to your wishes.

Unfurnished cottage

6 300 € ex VAT

An empty cottage with installed electricity, windows and doors, which you can set up according to your wishes. 


12 000 € ex VAT

A cottage for 1 - 6 persons with two separate rooms and a bathroom.


13 200 € ex VAT

A cozy cottage for 1 - 4 persons with bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom.


13 200 € ex VAT

A mobile home for 1 - 2 persons with bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathroom.


13 500 € ex VAT

A cozy holiday home for 1 - 4 people with a large bedroom, a room with kitchen & bunk bed, and a bathroom.


Add-on options

Insulation / inner siding

Wood-fiber insulation in walls, floor, roof.

Inner siding white aspen.


Infrared underfloor heating                                        
Air-to-air heat pump                                           


Vlemmix tiny house trailer with 3,5 t total weight.