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Choose one of our models or get a custom-built tiny house tailored exactly to your wishes

Together we design a house that fits your requirements and your budget. We tailor size, layout, style and interior design exactly to your wishes. If you'd rather buy one of our models, you can find two of our favorites below.


For our models displayed below we can provide exact prices. If you would rather have your house custom-built, the price depends on many factors, such as choice of materials, technical complexity, size, floor plan, furnishing and equipment.

Unfurnished shells: 300 000 - 450 000 SEK

Turnkey homes: 500 000 - 750 000 SEK


How to order?

Step 1 Contact us and we will discuss your wishes regarding function, shape & size, your budget and anything else that is important. In this step, we will only do an overall draft of the design. In the next step, we will do the more detailed planning, sketching and drawing.

Step 2 Book a building period and secure your place in our queue. If you want to buy one of our models, the returnable booking fee is 5 000 SEK (free of charge for the summer cottages). If you want a custom-built house, the booking fee is 15 000 SEK. Once we have received the booking fee, you are guaranteed your place in our queue. The price includes planning & consulting, sketches & the final construction drawing, as well as all other administrative work. Once you are completely satisfied with the drawing and want to get started, we will write a contract and return your booking fee. Now the building can start!

Step 3 We build your tiny house and it is ready for delivery after about 2-3 months.

Our models

Vilhelmina - 21 sqm

From 595 000 SEK

Vilhelmina's high-arched ceiling, the beautifully handcrafted accessories, the soft round shape and the well thought out floor plan makes the interior feel cosy and at the same time light, airy and spacious.

Kazuki - 31 sqm

From 650 000 SEK

A beautiful Japanese inspired house. The large windows in shoji style, the bright colors and the open floor plan gave this home its name: "Kazuki", which means harmony.