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An investment that cannot go wrong


In Flåm, the Norwegian tourist village known for its beautiful surroundings, one can find a custom-designed mobile house from Vagabond Haven. It is rented out to tourists who want to get closer to nature and avoid living in ordinary camping cabins.


With its beautiful fjord and the steep mountains, Flåm is a real tourist magnet. Usually 500 people live in the village, but during the tourist season thousands of visitors are coming here and they need somewhere to live. Why not in a mobile house, overlooking the creek and the world-famous railway that winds its way down from the steep mountain?

- People think it's fun to live in our house and they give us very good reviews afterwards. No one has ever complained that it was too small, says Vegard Bratteteig and explains that the house was custom-tailored to his wishes. For example, he opted out of some of the kitchen's storage areas and installed a nice bar counter instead.

- I am very pleased that I could tailor the house to my needs. 

Vegard is also content with the luxurios shower and the well crafted details in the house.

- I was positively surprised that the lightswitch looks like wood. Overall, I am very happy with the fine workmanship.

Vegard was also attracted by the mobility of the micro house, because he doesn't know what will happen to the plot of land where the house currently stands.

- Maybe we will build something more permanent here in the future and then we need to move the house or sell it. Regardless, this is a really good investment that can’t go wrong. With a mobile home, there are always new usages to be found.

Vegard recommends others who have the opportunity to rent out a house, to buy a mobile house from Vagabond Haven.

- This house is a great alternative to ordinary camping cabins.

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