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Our family grows to sunny Andalucia!


From snowy Scandinavia to sunny Spain, the success of our houses are spreading around the world.

The latest addition to Vagabond Havens globe trotter wave, is Mary Beker's real estate office that now sells our houses under the Andalucían sun 💛

"A selection of beautifully built, road legal, tiny homes to take anywhere. Be it for a holiday retreat, an extra guest house, or your new home"

If you are looking to be able to move anywhere, add extra accommodation onto your already existing property, live somewhere temporarily or need easy solutions for a campsite or tourism project, these tiny houses that are towable and road legal in the EU could be the best solution for you.

From ready built to bespoke units, these high quality build tiny mobile homes are incredibly versatile and beautifully designed to live anywhere.


Small can be beautiful! Achieve financial freedom by owning your own tiny house. Be inspired to follow your dreams with affordable housing!


Find our beautiful homes at Mary Beker's here:

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