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Homecrux interview with founder Manuel regarding the wonderful tiny houses from Vagabond Haven

- Options, prices and availability.

Manuel gives us a video tour of Maya tiny home amid answering to our queries related to space management and customization.

Why did you found Vagabond Haven?

“We wanted to create a haven for all the ‘vagabonds’ and that is where the name of the company was derived,” said Manuel who is motivated by the love for nature and freedom. In the past few years, Vagabond Haven has made its name in the European tiny house industry and has been making models that are built to last in Scandinavian conditions.

Vagabond Haven tiny homes are made from eco-friendly and healthy materials and are retrofitted to let one set up a home in the middle of nature and yet close to town. “All you need to do is simply hook your tiny house behind your car for your next road trip and become truly self-sufficient by adding our various off-grid solutions,” proud Manuel notes.

When did this dream become reality?

Starting the company in 2017, out of his love for architecture, Manuel found out while traveling and exploring that tiny homes might be the big new living revolution. It was at this point that he realized “tiny houses give you not only a cheap house but also a mobile house, so you can move it with you.”

Different models

Elise tiny house is another Vagabond model that clutched our attention for its glossy and bright interior, despite the raised living room being the major highlight. “With Elise, I tried to create a sort of spaciousness, despite it having a really large kitchen and two places to sleep.” Discussing the raised living room idea, he discloses, “I’ve seen other models like that, and this one is really special to me because it makes the house even more spacious.”

How does the demand and availability of your houses look?

The tiny house manufacturer is getting more and more orders from companies who want to set up tiny homes as holiday rentals for refugees. “It is a crisis solution,” he states. “Right now we get about one order a week and deliver one house a week. The building time is about three months per tiny house. We have ready-built models which we furnish according to what we think is a very practical way to equip them.”

The company has a couple of models ready for immediate delivery and also has an option where people can buy a totally customized model. “We give an option where one can start from an empty house and then add anything one wants,” Manuel adds.

If you are looking for durability, affordability and design you will find it with Vagabond Haven.

Read the full article and see the tour of our Maya model here:

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