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We are on television

Swedish television interviewing Vagabond Haven about our tiny houses.

We are happy to talk about the growing interest in living tiny. In this interview, Manuel is being interviewed about our work and the benefits of living in a tiny house.

A short description:

Uppsala resident Manuel builds mini house: "Interest grows"

From three to fifty houses a year. In recent years, mini-houses have become increasingly popular - not least during the pandemic.

- You can take your house to any place and that feeling is fantastic, says Manuel Kohout, who is the CEO of one of several companies that manufacture mini houses.

Taking the house with you when moving, saving on housing costs and living minimalistically are some of the benefits of mini houses that are also called tiny houses. Uppsala resident Manuel Kohout has lived with his family for four years in a tiny house himself.

- We have appreciated the freedom both financially and in terms of time. We have more time and money left over to travel and are not as tied up materially. It feels a bit like being on a journey, says Manuel Kohout.

In the video clip: This is what it looks like in Manuel Kohout's mini house in Håga outside Uppsala.


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