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We wool always love insulation, in all sheeps and sizes!


Keeping warm is essential in many countries around the world. This is especially true here in the norden Scandinavia, where we are based. But we do not want to compromise on the footprint that we make on our beloved planet Earth.

This is where the lovely wool makes an entrance! 🐑

Our sheep wool consists of 100% pure shorn wool from sheep living in the alpine regions of Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

The producers are strictly animal-friendly, and no pesticides such as pyrethroids (roach dip) are allowed.

Once the wool has been collected, it goes through a sorting and cleaning process where the wool grease (lanolin), along with cellulose and organic impurities, is removed in a gentle washing process using curd soap and a soda rinse. This rinsing removes any unpleasant odors from the wool, and afterwards only a tiny amount of lanolin remains. This preserves the elasticity and adaptability of the wool fibers. The raw fibers then go through the IONIC PROTECT® treatment, a new biocide free wool protection system, which gives a non-toxic protection against moths, insects and rodents. And therefore makes the wool permanently free of biocides and comes with a 30-year guarantee.

Sheep wool insulation is the “deluxe” version among the environmentally friendly insulation materials. A big advantage is that it can absorb large amounts of moisture and transport it out of the house. It also has the property of cleaning the air. If you are sensitive to chemicals and mold, this is the insulation you should choose.

Here are some of the magical qualities of sheep wool:

💚 Naturally develops a feel-good climate and promotes your health: The protein substance keratin, contained in sheep's wool, can absorb pollutants and unpleasant odours in very high concentrations and convert them into harmless substances.

💚 Moisture regulating effect: If the room air is too dry, it releases the moisture again. Sheep wool can absorb up to 33% of its own weight in moisture without losing its insulating properties and without being "wet". It retains its bulkiness without damaging the building fabric.

💚 Maximum fire protection: Sheep’s wool needs a high oxygen concentration for combustion, more than is available in the air. It does not require any fire retardants and therefore does not generate any toxic gases in the event of a fire.

💚 Excellent sound insulation.

💚 Renewable raw material: integrates 100% into the natural cycle.

💚 Uninviting for mice and insects

💚 Pays for itself over time: the slightly higher price is based on the outstanding quality and pays for itself after a very short time thanks to the excellent insulation value

Isn’t it amazing what benefits we can get from using natural materials in our houses? 🥰


Thank you for shearing our interest in eco friendly insulation!


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