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Salamander Hobbit wood stove

- Sleek, compact and very effective!

The woodstove is one of our greatest heating options and also works great for off-grid living.

The model we use in our tiny houses is the beloved Hobbit by Salamander. It is the ideal choice for small fireplaces where larger stoves simply won't fit, and on top of that - it looks lovely!

It’s a small cast iron multi-fuel stove that can burn both wood, coal and eco logs, and it’s specifically designed for installations where the space for a stove might be more limited.

This makes it the ideal choice for small fireplaces where larger stoves simply won’t fit. The Hobbit Salamander has a new improved efficiency of 81.4% and reduced particulate and gas emissions. It provides 4kW of efficient, clean burning heat with new pre-heated tertiary air intake and enhanced pre-heated secondary combustion technology. Plus, it has air controls at the front of the stove, for improved usability.

We don't think that you should have to sacrifice design, space or efficiency to stay warm, and with the Hobbit Salamander you won't have to!

We always strive to find new options to optimize our amazing tiny houses. And this eco approved wood stove is definitely a star piece of furniture in any home that will keep you warm for many years to come, and doing so in style.


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