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Simpler rules for Tiny Houses in Norway!

- Progress in our neighbouring country, new rules will ensure that more people can live alternatively.


"- I love it. I have done that from day one."

That's what Maren Oftebro (30) says. She lives in a mini house on wheels, a stone's throw from NTNU in Trondheim.

People visiting are often surprised. Oftebro lives in the small house with a husky and two cats. She also has space for a bathtub, equipment for brewing beer and a large kitchen bench for baking.

Oftebro's mini house is 15 square meters in size, but contains everything she needs.


- This is how I will live as long as I manage to get up the stairs, says Oftebro. She points to a steep staircase up to the bed loft.

The solution to the mini-house dream was to get a professional company to build the house. The building requirements seemed too complicated, Oftebro thinks.

- That stopped me a bit. I thought that if I get some professionals who can do it, then I won't have to read all these rules, says the 30-year-old.

Now the regulations are being softened.

Photo from inside one of our previously built Sunshine models

The aim is to make it easier and cheaper to build mini houses. Then more people will also be able to live alternatively.

- It is becoming more and more attractive to have other types of housing than those we are used to. Micro houses are one such type. That's what Per-Arne Horne says. He is a director at the Directorate for Building Quality.

Many people think the current rules for building mini houses are too difficult, according to Horne.

Those who build mini houses today must follow the same rules as those who build a normal detached house. This applies, among other things, to detailed requirements on floor plans, outdoor areas and ventilation.

The exterior of one of our previosly built Sunshine models

We feel very joyous about these exciting and encouraging news that will make it easier for more people to live just the way they want to.

We keep seeing progress on a regular basis when it comes to the tiny living community and we are so grateful to share all of this with you.

You can find the whole article about this here.

Live long, prosper and tiny!


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