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We offer different ways to finance your tiny house

Most of our customers finance their tiny house themselves, i.e. either through their own assets or by getting a so called "blank loan" from their bank. i.e. a loan that doesn't need to be covered by any type of material value. Why not get a mortgage loan as is common when buying a house or any other sort of property? Because most banks are conservative and don't consider tiny houses eligible for this category ... YET! You can give it a try, but most likely you will get a no.

Another option is to ask your bank if you can get a "camper van" loan - some banks consider our tiny houses to fall within this category, because they are on wheels and can be towed behind a car.

If you like you can also finance your house through us. We offer the following options:
Option 1 - blank loan:
Get a blank loan up to about 30 000 € and an interest rate of 4,95% from our partners from MyMoney. The monthly cost equals about 270 €.
Get in touch and we'll help you. 
(Note! So far only for our Swedish customers) 
Option 2 - leasing:
Are you interested in leasing you tiny house? As of yet, we don't offer this option. But please let us know if this would be interesting for you and we'll put some extra effort into realzing this solution!

Interested in any of these options? Please get in touch!

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