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We're now looking for carpenters
for our new production outside Uppsala

In 2017, we started building our tiny houses in Uppsala, Sweden, where we still have our headquarters. Since we deliver our houses to all of Europe, a few years ago we then moved our production to Poland, in order to reduce the transport distances to our customers from the continent. We will now resume part of the production here in the Uppsala area again.

We are now looking for two construction carpenters and two cabinetmakers to build up and run our new production. Since you will form the core of our construction team, we would like you to have a solid education and some years of experience in construction and/or furniture carpentry.


  • Education and experience in construction and/or furniture carpentry

  • A passion for tiny houses

  • There is a lot of heavy lifting so you need to be in good physical shape

  • Fluent Swedish or English in speech and writing

  • BE or C driving license is a plus

  • General technical expertise or training as an electrician or plumber is a plus

  • Motivation and personal qualities are highly valued


Scope and start

The employment starts August 1 and the extent is 100%. In order to get to know each other, we will start with a trial employment of about 2 months. The workplace is initially on the founder Manuel's farm outside Örsundsbro, but will eventually be moved to somewhere else in the Uppsala/Enköping area.

Application, labeled “Name Surname - carpenter" to no later than 20.06.2023

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