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Exciting News: Our Tiny Houses Now with Detachable Trailers!

We are excited to introduce a game-changing feature to our tiny houses—a detachable trailer. This upgrade not only enhances the mobility of your home but also simplifies the registration process, making it easier than ever before!

Why a Detachable Trailer?

Tiny living is about flexibility. These new detachable trailers ensure you can move your home as easily as before, but without the hassle of a complex registration process: simply detach your house before the inspection and skip the hassle of meeting all the different and country specific road certification requirements.

Additional benefits include an enhanced appearance and a more solid, permanent feel once the trailer is detached on site. Moreover, removing the trailer helps safeguard the technical elements like axles, brakes, and tires from wear and tear, thereby prolonging their durability and reducing maintenance expenses.

Built to Last

Designed by Vlemmix, Europe's most renowned tiny house trailer producers and our partners from the start, these exciting new trailers are as robust as always and of course perfectly suited for tiny houses - combining stability and safety with a sleek, modern look.


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